Bison or Beef

I’ve been often asked the difference between Bison or Beef and why we choose Bison.  I look at many factors when choosing meat for my family.  First, Bison is less processed and handled than beef on a average basis.  Second, Bison is also higher in protein with lower fat content.  Third, it is also important to find a “100 percent grass-fed” bison and not just “grass-fed”.  Legally, a rancher has the last 90 days prior to slaughter to move a grass-fed bison to a feedlot unless the label reads 100 percent grass-fed.  The grain feeding will fatten a buffalo and provide more profit, but will decrease the quality of meat.  Fourth, Bison should not be pumped with steroids and hormones.  If the bison are treated as wild game and raised to eat the way God intended them to eat, this is a healthier choice for our family.

We buy are bison as a complete animal and process and store throughout the year.  If you would like to order buffalo or sample cuts, we can point you in the right direction.  Send me an email or text with your information and I will follow up with you.


Bison or Beef

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