Is Bison Meat the Newer, Healthier Beef?

Dr. Axe wrote a great article on the reasons of why Bison is great! Is Bison Meat the Newer, Healthier Beef?

Here are some additional charts to compare bison to other types of meat.  I always look for 100 percent grass fed labels, if you are limited to choosing bison in a market. Ideally, find a rancher that you trust and know their methodology.  If you are looking for more information about wholesale bison, feel free to contact me.

To find recipes on cooking bison, follow the recipe link.  Always remember that the leaner the meat is, the tougher it maybe.  Tenderizing Bison is key to great tasting steaks.  100 percent grass fed does taste better than a grain fed meat, but often still requires marinating with red wine or your preferred alcohol or apple cider vinegar.  Longer cooking time with lower temperature (200-250 degrees) is ideal in cooking a bison stew, pulled bison, or roasts.

Bison Comparison Chart

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