Healthy Living and Immunity


Are you ready for winter?  I personally love the winter months, but nobody enjoys the sniffles or the flu!  We have learned ways to add healthy living to our everyday life by foods that you can add or omit in your kitchen.  Come join us as we share what has worked for us to build our immune system and to stop the cycle of the Winter Blues!  Enjoy the chilly air with a warm cup of tea and come join our community on Friday, December 2 at 6:30 pm at La Madeline at Lakeline.   We will open a FB event to share our notes, but don’t miss our live event!  RSVP by Wed, Nov 30, Bring a Friend, and Bring a Healthy Holiday Recipe to share and earn 3 entries in our free raffle!  Make a Juice Plus purchase at the event and earn a free gift from our team!  Let me know, if you want an invite.

Jennifer Hayes




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