Christmas Time

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year.  I reflect deeply this time of year, but this year I have found myself wondering how this can not be the best Holiday for everyone.  Granted, I realize that if you don’t believe in Christmas being the birthday of Jesus Christ, than Christmas becomes just one more Holiday.   This holiday brings quite a big of magic, but possibly stress if you lose the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a time for me to be reminded of the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and to share precious moments with my family.  I’m truly thankful that we are able to be home with our children and enjoy these memories.  What I don’t want is to get lost in the crazy of the season and ungrateful spirits.  Presents are so hard for me as a parent hoping that my children will be so excited, but at the same time reminding them to look outward to others that have so much less.

This year brings us to yet another season with more challenges then the year before with food.  Like always, food is the center of family gatherings and is a challenge for those who can’t participate in all the food choices.  It is hard for me to avoid certain temptations, but since my body violently detest certain foods it isn’t that hard to avoid.  What is very challenging for me, however, is the broken spirit or the crying protests from my children when they feel deprived.  It is a lesson they will have to learn, which I keep reminding myself.  I try to teach them that there are so many wonderful flavors and foods that God created for our bodies to enjoy and for the pleasure of building memories!  We are limited in our choices, but so much healthier when we avoid them.  If we can remember to be thankful for all the amazing foods, varieties, tastes, aromas that foods bring, maybe we can stay grateful and not dwell in a pity party!

I’m know I’m speaking about myself, but if you relate you understand the struggle food has on many of us (or should I say all of us?).  Food is powerful and empowers us to be strong, healthy and fulfilled or can make us feel defeated by the power of gluttony!  Please pray for us as we always need prayer in our attitudes toward foods and that mommy doesn’t fail at my attempts.  Nothing aggravates me more, when I attempt to bake a treat and it turns into a disaster!

If you are looking for some sweet treats or amazing Christmas Breakfasts, I highly recommend the Overnight Waffles that my hubby found and adapted.  They are amazing a and will be served here on Christmas Eve morning. Or check out the Yummy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hulk Muffins, or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Merry Christmas,


The Hayes Family

Thyme to Live Well



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