Beauty Counter

Did you know your skin absorbs 60% of the chemicals you put on it? Did you know that there hasn’t been a single change in the cosmetic industry since 1938???
BeautyCounter seeks to not only help women feel beautiful and wonderful, but also to help them do it in a non-toxic way, and to help the industry change! Plus, they have products for babies and children…and they work!

I spent the last four years reading every label for foods, supplements, personal products, and household goods looking for neurotoxins, gluten (yes, gluten is even in bubble bath, play-dough and shampoos, yogurts, cheese, meat, twizzlers, and I could go on for days….but I digress), allergens, MSG, Carrageenan, etc.  There are so many chemicals that were hurting my family and contributing to absorption issues of the fruits and vegetables that we do eat.

I LOVE the Healthy Living App that EWG has produced rating foods and products from 0-10.  They will give you a third party perspective on what you are buying.  But if you are a busy mom, like myself and find yourself in the middle of a grocery store almost crying because you think your toddler is in the grocery cart peeing over your cart full of food only to be relieved to find out it is a chicken broth container that he has opened and poured on the floor, your precious time and ability to scan every product before you buy becomes challenging to say the least!

Yes, there are some great companies that sell safe products at the grocery store, but what I commonly found that some products of companies that I love are great while others weren’t safe.  I couldn’t trust a company name until I found Beauty Counter.  This company has banned 1500 chemicals in their products, which makes them much safer and the use of essential oils in their products makes them effective too!  I personally love all the products I have used and now share with others this gold nugget I found!  Starting in September, Beauty Counter will be available for a short time in Target to buy their products.  Don’t wait, because they will sell quickly!!

Beauty Counter has Hair Products, Anti-Aging, Kids Line, Sunscreen, and Make-up that I love. Contact me if you want to borrow my loaner kit or if you want to host a social and earn some freebies.  You can check out their product line Thyme For Beauty.