Juice Plus

What is Juice Plus?  Juice Plus Capsules are 30 Raw Fruits and Vegetables Vine-Ripened Cold Pressed and Encapsulated with Probiotics.  I would love to share a video or have a conversation to why all these pieces are important while selecting a Whole Food Supplement rather than an extracted man made Vitamin.  I can’t possibly research every product available for consumers, but I can share the research and criteria for looking at a good product.

Juice Plus has 35 Published Medical Studies from third party reviews.  You can see the summary Published Clinical Studies.  This is a great summary of the Clinical Summaries of the Medical Studies performed.  This company takes pride in NSF certification, which is a higher standard than our commonly known organic labeling.  I trust Juice Plus product for me and my family.  Why not give it a try?

If you would like to read more about Juice Plus I would encourage you to go to www.thymefornutrition.com.