Farm House Delivery:  Farmhouse is a great way to get fresh local produce and raw cheese that is not always available at your local grocery store! We love our Farmbox and truly enjoy the produce, cheese, almond flour tortillas and Gluten Free Bread that is amazing and fresh!

Neuronutrition Associates:  Jana Roso, NP is a dear friend and owner of Neuronutrition Associates.  She has directed me and my children and many of my other friends by stool testing and allergy panels to help eliminate foods that were damaging our guts. I’ve personally been tested in three different labs for food allergies, but because Neuronutrition uses only the top of the line labs my egg allergy only became apparent to me 6 months ago.  This has drastically improved my symptoms, which I have been fighting my entire life.  I highly recommend taking the time to visit her.

Pineapple Wellness : Kristin Burkart is a dear friend and great resource.  She spent 10 years in the fitness industry before she made the leap of faith to stay home.  She has the art of blogging and loves to share her passion with others.  She too is on an allergy journey with her own family and is a wealth of knowledge.